Camppal Club

Camppal was born and created for the outdoor lovers and fans, Camppal is your best outdoor camping companion, we are as passionate as you are for the outdoor camping, as the professional camping tent and camping equipment developer, designer and manufacturer, we just wanted to offer you the best money value camping tents and camping equipments with the best performance and features at affordable price to meet the demand and challenage from the global outdoor market, we hope to build Camppal club for our valued customers who can share their outdoor adventures and passions with our Camppal tents and gears, if you like to share us with your outdoor camping activities and adventures, please just send us the pictures and videos and articles for your outdoor camping adventures, we would like to publish in our blog, we will give you the coupons as reward for your next new purchase from us, we will even give you the nice gift if other people like your pictures, videos and articles, anyway, the more you share with us, the more other people like your sharing, the more we want to reward to you, we have quite some nice gfits and even discounted coupon to grant you the rewards for your sharings and contributions to build up this Global Camppal Club for all the people from all over the world to form an online community for all lovers and fans for Camppal branded series products and services to spread, promote and propagate the Camppal outdoor life style.

Anyway, you are welcome and  encouraged to add us at our Facebook so that we can stay in touch together for more sharing and exchanging with all together, we not only want to offer you the best world class outdoor camping tents and gears but also want to be your best camping companion and friend in your outdoor life from all over the world in our Global Camppal Club, you are most welcome to join us via Facebook by searching Camppal for our Camppal Page in Facebook, we can always stay connected together in our website, or via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Tumble, Flickr, WeChat, etc.,

We also would like to invite you to take a look from our youtube channel for an online Camppal Tents Album which we show you various types of our tents to be actually used and campped outdoor four seasons from Spring to Winter in different scenes around the year. Have a pleasant viewing.