Benefits of Membership

We would like to invite people who are interested in our Camppal tents from all around the world to become the valued member of Camppal, once you become a registered member, you are going to enjoy a lot of benefits we will provide to you.

First, you can enjoy the really high quality tent offered exclusively from Camppal, as a professional tent maker and expert with more than 17 years long history from the year of 2004, we are able to offer you all types of tents you need for your outdoor camping, you can just be rest assured of the high quality and workmanship for the tent you purchase from us with the best money value and reliable performance.

Second, you can enjoy the best excellent customer service from us to meet your need and even far exceed your expectation, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Third, as the global outdoor brand, we have set up our global inventory in different countries such as USA, Canada, U.K., Japan, etc., if you are located in these countries, you can enjoy the fast local delivery right from the country you are located conveniently, after you place your order on us, you can just sit back and relax to wait for the quick local delivery right to your hand very conveniently, it might just take only a couple days.

Fourth, you can enjoy the good after sale service, either you need the repair service or replacement from us, you can always reach us for any after sale service even after you order it from us more than one or even a couple years later, we will always stand behind every tent you order from us.

Sixth, as we will offer to our valued member with some coupon or discounted offer, etc., if you are a registered member, you will receive the notification from us with every favourable offer upon available.

Seventh, as we will create and develop the new innovative tent to better meet the market demand, as a registered member, you will receive the notification from us from time to time when we have the new offer available for you.

Eighth, once you register as a member, for every order you place on us will add up into your total amount of order value, once you reach certain amount of order value, we will give you some free gift like footprint for your tent or accessory for your tent, so, please stay with us, the more you order from us, the more benefits you will get from us as well.

We will make every effort to offer more and more benefits to our valued registered member, you are warmly welcome to register with us to enjoy every benefit granted from us from time to time.

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