The one to two persons backpacking tents for backpacker, camper, hiker, biker, motor cycler, hunter, adventurer

If you are a backpacker, camper, hiker, biker, motor cycler, hunter, adventurer, we have the best backpacking mountain tent for one to two persons, either you will hit the trail by yourself alone or with your buddy, we just have the right tent for you, their models#: MT060, MT067, MT053, MT057, MT058, MT068, etc. which were all built for one to two persons outdoor camping, these tents are all water/rain/wind/snow proof, the water resistance value is up to 3000MM to 4000MM which is good enough to stand for the heavy big rain even pouring, we also have two colors option green and khaki for your best color choice at your preference, we also have the tent with the bottom snow skirt for the snowy weather in cold winter, these tents are all easy to set up, freestanding allows the tent to be moved and relocated without having to disassemble; the two exit doors on both side of tent which enable you to enter and exit the tent conveniently without disturbing the other person, it is particually useful when the other person is sleeping at night, the outer fly of this tent also can be used separately as canopy without inner tent, we also can provide the optional offer for the footprint tailored made to match up exactly for each of these tents in terms of its size.
As the professional tent maker with more than 16 years long, we not only can guarantee the complete 100% satisfaction for your purchase from us, but also can assure you with the best professional excellent customer service even the after sales service, you can just order it from us with ease and confidence.
In order to deliver to the end user quickly and locally, we have built our global inventory on USA, U.K., Japan, if you are from these countries, you can just sit back and wait to receive the tent right quickly right from our overseas warehouses in your country, even if you are from different countries, we still can arrange the international delivery to you from our own tent factory in China.
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