Feedback and review for our mountain tent from our British customer

Today, I would like to present a very positive feedback and review for our high quality four seasons mountain tent(MT067) from our happy British customer Stephen Spiers, so you can see how our super high quality our mountain tent is and how excellent customer service we make our customer to be so satisfied with our product and service.

The following message is copy and paste as it is from our valued customer Mr. Stephen Spiers from U.K.


Hi Luke,

I would like to send you positive feedback and review for the mountain tent MT067 I purchased from you recently as follow:

Camppal tent MT067. very nice one person tent

very well made, good quality stitching throughout, deep bathtub floor, fine no see em mesh will keep gnats out! easy to erect in windy conditions for one person, lightweight, real 4 season tent, awesome front porch unzips into huge canopy for cooking etc.
good ventilation
can be used without flysheet when it's hot/dry weather
unbeatable at this price, a proper 4 season mountain tent.
add to that a great seller/company owner, very helpful and accommodating. 

all pros.
no cons.

chat soon,

kindest regards