Enjoy mountain climbing and camping with Camppal mountaineering tents on the snowy Everest Mount

Recently, we took an adventure trip to Tibet, we climbed to the Mount Everest and camped there with our own mountaineering tents, in fact, this is a very good real field testing for our mountaineering tents, they all stood for the cold windy and snowy weather on Mount Everest, this proved that our professional high quality four seasons mountaineering tents are truely as they are named four seaons, we have our mountaineering tents to be fully field tested from the hot summer till the cold winter and proved them to be good enough to stand for the usage through the four season around the year,  we are really very proud of the very high quality and good performance for our mountaineering tents, as an avid outdoor enthusiast, camper, backpacker, hiker and mountain climber by ourself, we are also very passionate for the outdoor camping, treking, hiking and mountain climbing by ourself, we used and tested fully by ourself on every tent we made and we know in dept how a really good tent should be to meet the need of an outdoor enthusiast, camper, backpacker, hiker and adventurer before we recommend it to you at last, so, you can just be rest assured of its quality, workmanship, feature and performance, we are completely confident that you would be happy with our professional four seasons mountaineering tents, they all worth for the money you spend for them and they will be your best sturdy and secure mobile home away from home for your next outdoor adventure and camping.